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When we married 22 years ago, my husband and I agreed that if either of us decided to leave, we’d take the other along. I’ve been hanging by his coat tail ever since, through airports for travel, to the country for farm life, on the back of a horse for a trail ride, and sometimes on the back of his motorcycle. He promised life would never be dull, and he has proven that he does not lie.

God has blessed us with two almost-grown children who have also proven anything but dull. We take life as it comes, good, bad, and sometimes ugly. But mostly, we just hang on to God in His mercy for allowing us to be His for the ride. Heaven is our sure destination, due to the promise of our Savior, Jesus Christ, but the journey while we’re here on earth is what will be included in my writings, if anyone but God gives a hoot! 🙂

I pray God blesses you on your journey, as well, and that you have the solid assurance of your eternal destiny – with Him.


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