I Need Your Help

It’s awkward, really.

When people ask about my blog at CurtainQueenCreates.com, I never respond very well.  Maybe it’s hard for me to explain in a short, concise explanation because it’s so much more complicated than that.

From the beginning, people have asked me what I was doing – changing my Who Gives A Hoot blog, then changing it back again and beginning an altogether new blog.  I was so new at blogging, I didn’t know exactly what a blog could do or be or anything.

If you want to know the whole story, here it is.  In my quest for writing markets, I submitted articles about my faith to a few Christian magazines.  No response.

Over time, I felt God leading me to a new type of writing market.  The internet.  A blog.

But, He wasn’t leading me to blog about my faith only.  I started getting a clear picture of what God wanted from me, and I said, “What?  I’ve never seen one of those.”  Like a “doubting Thomas”, I wanted to see one.  I searched the internet and found none.  He loves to lead us in the dark, right?  Step by step, I’ve blindly found my way toward what God has in mind.

These days, I find many.  Once you’re in the blogging world, you’re connected with other bloggers, and you discover all sorts of blogs.  I am not alone – a comfort God has given me.   Others have received the same leading from God – a wonderful confirmation that maybe I’m not totally crazy!

Curtain Queen Creates, DIY for the home blog is an avenue to gain a platform for impacting non-Christians in some small way.  Many typical blog readers may not visit a “Christian” blog, but they will visit a blog about DIY projects.  When they read something I share about faith, my prayer is that they will see Jesus.  I would love for people to see Christians as we are – loving, encouraging, positive, non-judgmental, and sharing Christ and His gift of hope and forgiveness.

I spend many hours gathering supplies, doing projects, taking pictures, watermarking pictures (to prevent theft), and then the fun of writing begins.  Before all of that, of course, is the design of the blog and time investment for maintaining the blog itself.

With little time remaining to promote my blog, I have to ask myself, “Who will be impacted by it if very few people even know about it?”  In order to reach many, my posts need to be shared through all media sources.  That is where I need your help.  If we share with everyone on Facebook, all of our friends, Christians and non-Christians will get it on their timeline.  Please feel free to visit my site, read through some posts (the menu bar at the top of the page can guide you to topics), and share something you like.  For your convenience, there are social media buttons at the bottom of each post for sharing on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and email.

If you would like to sign up for email posts, you can do that through my sidebar.  Sometimes I publish a post that doesn’t mention God.  Many times I will mention Him or an aspect about my faith, and weekly I publish a Spectacular Sunday post – strictly about Him.  Any post you receive can be shared with others.  Just pick one.  (Or a few.)

To be taken more seriously, I’ve moved from the WordPress.com to a .com site.  WordPress had the liberty of advertising on my site at will in the WordPress.com situation.  They actually did that once with an alcohol commercial.  They claim to try to match advertising with blog content.  How they thought their choice of commercial had anything to do with my blog, I don’t know.

Bottom line, I need to have control of what is advertised on my blog.  With the .com situation, I can do that.  Most blogs make very little money in advertising – even below minimum wage when you look at hourly earnings.  It takes months (sometimes years) to make a dime.  All this to say, please don’t think I’m doing this for the money when it’s a ministry.  Advertising can help offset the expenses of the fees needed to maintain a host, necessary registrations, and on and on it goes.

I am terrible at self-promotion.  I feel bashful in asking for others to promote Curtain Queen.  But, God has reminded me it’s His.  I shouldn’t be bashful about promoting HIM.  So, I’m boldly asking you to help promote Him through this blog avenue.  If even one person is impacted by it, it is worth all the effort.  My prayer is that all readers see God through the site.

Please pray for me – that I will be faithful to do my best – to follow God’s leading in what I write – and that I won’t get discouraged.  Thank you, my friends and family!  Here’s the link to CurtainQueenCreates.com. 🙂


About Kim

Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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