The Devil’s in the Cockroach

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One Sunday evening during worship, we were sitting in the balcony behind a couple, along with three of their children – three boys, ages ranging from 8-12.

The three young brothers spotted a bug on the sanctuary ceiling.

They pointed.

They snickered.

They watched – eyes wide open.

The bug crawled a long, long way – getting closer…and closer…to those three boys.

Did they hear any part of the sermon that night?

Of course not!  Would you?

One brother was sent to sit behind the parents to avoid too much ruckus.  The remaining two continued to watch.

Only a few of us were in the balcony with the watchful brothers, and we had to work very hard to listen to the sermon.  We ALL had our eyes on that bug!

As the bug crawled closer, I noticed the oldest brother tightening his collar around his neck – in case the bug dropped from the ceiling.  I snickered.  (The bug wasn’t over their heads yet – but he was preparing.)

Soon, another brother noticed and tightened his collar, as well.  Obviously, their daddy had taught them to prepare for the worst!

When the bug got close enough, I could tell it was a cockroach (horrors!).  It was surely the devil!  Do you hate roaches as much as I do?  Aren’t they the creepiest of all bugs?

The devil is good at that, y’all.  Distraction.  Creepy.  Snickering boys – but there’s no devil in those little angels.  Well, their mother might say there’s a tish on some days.  But, to me, those boys are angels.

The wonder of little boys…

They were doing battle (in their minds, at least) against that bug.  I could see it in their eyes.  Imagination at its finest!!

The two remaining brothers, side by side in battle, standing at the ready.

Heads cocked toward the enemy.

Eyes bugged out, watching carefully.

Arms drawn slightly, ready to take cover.

Or SWAT.                                Look out, Devil!                       They’re ready for you!

Fortunately, the devil bug didn’t pounce fall from the ceiling.  The sermon ended.  We sang praises.  Thank you, Jesus, for protection.  That devil almost got us!


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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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