Unpacking Boxes

OK, not really boxes.  It’s posts.  (You get the picture.)

I wanted to update you on the whole blogging life I’ve stepped into.  Who Gives A Hoot?  is the blog that started it all, y’all.  A few of you have been with me all along, since the very first post on the beginning blog with Blogger, not yet a full year ago.

Store Owl

Hobby Lobby Owl #1

May of 2012 is when it all started.  Tired from a long day of riding on the back of HH’s motorcycle, but sooo inspired to write, I haphazardly created a Blogger account and published my first post.  Scary!  I didn’t know a thing about what I was doing!

Writing first blog on MC trip to CA no. 2

After taking an online course about WordPress sites, I learned the ins and outs of using their blogging platform.  I have come to enjoy all that WordPress offers in a free site.  Thank you for sticking with me through all these months of trying to figure out learning about blog site options and finally settling somewhere a little more user-friendly.

Store Owl 2

Hobby Lobby Owl #2

If you have been a reader of WGAH (Who Gives A Hoot?) from the beginning, you may have wondered what in the world I’m doing.

Some of you have asked me questions like these:

What are you doing?

Why haven’t I seen your blog about the hoot thing lately?

Why haven’t I seen anything new on your blog posted on Facebook lately?

What happened to your blog?  I can’t find it anymore.  Where is it?

Store Owl 3

Hobby Lobby Owl #3

And people have said things like:

I can’t find your blog – the cute one, with the cute little stories.  (Thank you for the compliments, by the way.)

I’m not interested in all that stuff at Curtain Queen.  I want to read more of that other one.

When considering the Curtain Queen blog as separate from WGAH, I was hesitant to maintain two sites, especially with so much to learn.  My energies can only stretch so far, and in this Autumn of life, I have so much less of that.

So, yesWhat am I doing???  (See?  I ask myself these same questions you’ve asked.)

Store Owl 4

Hobby Lobby Owl #4

And, no.  I haven’t forgotten about Hooting.  It’s only been on hold for a while.

Along with the continued questions and promptings, I’ve received a few gifts of owls in honor of WGAH.  Suddenly, I have everything from owl jewelry to owl place mats.  How could I give up hooting with all those owl reminders?

Owl Place Mat

You’ll recognize this place mat in my new header.  Yes, I’m exposing my DIY-ness, ’cause everything is DIY around here, you know. 😉

This plate came from a friend who was with me in a store when I found it and secretly (shh…) snapped a picture to use on my Blogger blog header.  After posting the picture in my newly designed header, I had nightmares of imprisonment for copyright infringements, so I removed it the next morning.  I may be a sneak, but I’m a “fraidy-cat” sneak!

Hoot Plate

My friend went back to the store later, bought the plate, and then shipped it to me for Christmas.  See?  I’m not the only sneak. 🙂  Aren’t friends fun and wonderful?

I didn’t intend to collect owls, but they are very popular these days.  You see them everywhere!  I hope you don’t mind me sharing some owls from Hobby Lobby throughout my post today.

Final Store Owl

Hobby Lobby Owl #5

Once a month postings are not enough, I realize, to keep you interested in visiting.  In the interest of ease in blogging life, moving WGAH to WordPress made a lot of sense to me.  So, here we are.

Welcome here!

I have learned a little about blogs while building the Curtain Queen site.  And, there is so much yet to learn!  As I continue to grow the Curtain Queen blog, I’ll be posting an occasional (and possibly more than occasional) tidbit here and there at WGAH.  Sometimes I run across postings at other blogs that would be perfect to share with you, things not fitting for the Curtain Queen forum.  WordPress has a reblog feature (which I love!), providing a different but fun way to share with you.

My goal is to keep the format simple.  For a specific category of writings, simply click the one you want to read about under categories in the sidebar.  Or, for a specific date, look in the sidebar under archives and click the date of interest.

I promise to be at least a little more dedicated about sharing hooting to you occasionally.   It won’t be daily, by any stretch, but it will be more often than once a month.  How’s that?

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.  ‘Cause I do give a hoot about what y’all think!


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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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