Fifty Hours With His and Her i-Ness

We asked for it, a trip to Salt Lake for a Spring Break ski week.  With airfare heart-breakingly expensive, we drove.  Again. The last time we drove, our trip was combined with a detour to the Grand Canyon, Zion Park, and Monument Valley.  We experienced many new things after our week of skiing.

This time, however, we drove straight to Salt Lake, then straight back home.  Uneventful?  Hardly.  HH and I are seemingly anti-i.  i-Phone, that is.  And i-Pod, i-Pad, you name it.  Our teenagers, on the other hand, are all about i-ness. 
Every meal outside of the car – you know, at a table, in a restaurant, where you order a meal, and they bring it to you, and you eat. with a fork – we had minimal conversation.  Two heads at our table were leaning over an i-thingie of some sort. 
It’s when we’re in the car that the teenagers get animated.  Passing i-ness back and forth, sharing i-funny jokes, brought some life into our trip.  25+ hours each way is a long time trapped in a car with 4 grown bodies, luggage galore, puffy ski-wear, 3 pillows, snacks, and oodles of bottled water.
On the way to Salt Lake, we hit upon a snow storm.  Not to worry!  We had no fear heading our 4-wheel-drive into the white-out, Sponge-Bob tin filled with moon-pies, nabs, and peanuts.  Oh, and let’s not forget the mini-sized chocolates, such as York Peppermint Patties.  The cool refreshing Yorks remind me of skiing.  At the top of the mountain, form your mouth into an “O”, and breathe the coolness, refreshing your lungs.  It’s the same as the York, y’all.
The fun escalated when Fun Son began talking to Siri.  Do you know her?  I just met her on our trip.  She’s not bashful and answers questions promptly.  Occasionally, she says she’ll think about the answer before responding, but it doesn’t take her long. (She must be under 50.)
I’d like to share a couple of Siri conversations with you.  Keep in mind that Siri has a matter-of-fact tone with no inflection that we draw from for interpretation.  (Parenthetical notes are mine.)
FS (Fun Son):  Siri, you can call me Master.
S (Siri):  Your name is Nolen, but you told me to call you Master.
FS:  Why didn’t you call me Master?
S:  I did call you Master, Master.
(You can’t argue with Siri.)
FS:  Where are you from, Siri?
S: I was made by Apple in California.
FS: What is your favorite color?
S:  Green with many more dimensions you wouldn’t understand.  (Could she possibly mean “money”?  Just wondering…)
FS:  What is your favorite activity?
S:  I don’t like to talk about myself.  (That one must have stumped her.)
Now, it’s Spunky Daughter’s turn.
SD:  Siri, do you love me?
S:  You’re looking for love in all the wrong places.
SD:  You’re a smart woman, Siri.
S:  I’m not just a pretty face.
SD:  But, Siri, you have no face.
S:  No reply.  (Another one that stumped her.)
SD:  Tell me a joke, Siri.
S:  Jokes in my language aren’t so funny.
SD:  Come on, Siri.  Tell me a joke.
S:  How many i-phones does it take to…(long pause)?  Never mind.
Really?  Siri thought about it and censored herself?  Or, is she over 50 after all and got mid-way through her joke and forgot the punch line?  That chick must be part human, y’all!
At one point, FS asked her what her name meant.  She gave a convoluted answer that I can’t even remember.  Too technical.  That’s OK, ‘cause I already know what her name means.  Siri is short for “Serious”.  She seriously is that!  And sometimes seriously funny!

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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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