Maybe Next Year, Dad

Here I sit at my desk, looking at my prized possession sitting on the window sill.

Not the sign, y’all.  True statement, just not the prize.  The leg lamp is the prize, but this one is not even a lamp.  It’s a head-knocker that looks like the leg lamp from The Christmas Story.  And it has a story all it’s own.
A few Christmases ago, we started a new tradition.  My brothers’ families, my family, and my parents enjoy a dinner together at some point during the holidays.  After we eat, we circle up to play Dirty Santa. 
Our first year of Dirty Santa, I brought this leg lamp, and my dad picked it.  Everyone else got wonderful things, some beautiful, some practical, some heavily stolen from others.  Good stuff.  But I cursed the receiver of my gift with this useless dust catcher.  Dad acted like he really liked it, but I knew he was pulling MY leg.  Said he’d wrap it up again the next year to give someone else a chance to have this treasure for a year.  
Dad displayed his gift throughout the year, prominently placed on his desk. The following year, sure enough, he included the wrapped Christmas Story leg lamp in the pile of gifts.  I tried my best to get it, but Dad stole it from someone (maybe me) and was able to keep it another year.  The third year, my sister-in-law got the pleasure of enjoying the leg lamp proudly (or not-so-proudly) placed in her home after slyly stealing it on the final allowed steal for that gift.
My brother and sister-in-law have been in the middle of a major home remodeling project over the last few months, and I feared the treasure would be forgotten at Dirty Santa this past Christmas.  No telling how many boxes they had to dig through to find it.
But, not to worry.  It appeared when someone opened the easily-recognizable shape of box hidden inside a non-recognizable leg-lamp-holding gift bag.  Didn’t take long for dear old Dad to steal it, of course.  He tried to hide the box behind his chair leg, ’cause he knew what was coming, y’all.
So happy at my decision to sit to Dad’s right this year.  Took my turn immediately after he stole that prize and made him hand over the leg loot.  Yep!  And you see where I have it – prominently displayed at my desk, as well.  The apple doesn’t fall far from…oh, who gives a hoot, y’all?

About Kim

Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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