Digging Duck Dynasty

A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about the final day of our motorcycle trip to Virginia.  We were headed home, riding through northeastern Alabama in the very cold weather, trying to get home before we froze our fingers (and other parts) off!

I don’t know what town we were in, because I was hunkered down behind HH, trying to keep warm.  I looked to my left just in time to see a large sign that told about an upcoming race.  The National Lawnmower Race was to be held in that town the following weekend.  That helped warm me up, ’cause I laughed all the way home about what we Southerners do for fun.  Good, clean fun, but also a little weird. 

Come to find out, the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association has their own Facebook page, with over 5,000 “likes”.  If you’re interested, which apparently many are, you can get there HERE.  This isn’t just a Southern thing.  There are rednecks participating in this sport all over our United States, y’all!

During the week after we got home, I watched Duck Dynasty on TV for the first time.  Hooked from the start on this Southern/Redneck/Cajun(?) show, I sat through two or three episodes that first night.  The last episode was about a lawnmower race, y’all!  I’ve lived in the South a long time.  But this type of racing is new to me. 

The Duck Dynasty lawnmower race was a tight one, leaving you on the edge of your seat.  The final sentence of the episode was hilarious.  The announcer said something to the effect that, the audience had paid for a seat at the race, but they only used the edge of it.  In his slow Southern drawl, it was a great laugh to end with. 

Something I don’t understand (and HH, either) about Duck Dynasty is how those scraggly-bearded men have such GORGEOUS wives!  They are beautiful, y’all, inside and out!  And they didn’t marry these men after they landed their millions with their coveted duck-call business.  They were high-school sweethearts!  As our 16-year-old daughter says, “Ewe!”  😉

These seemingly lazy men at work are anything but lazy at play.  These South Louisiana boys love to make play out of anything (even work) and have a love for hunting like a true Southerner.  Then they bring home their kill or catch for dinner, and the women cook it up.  Each episode ends with them gathered around the table together, saying grace, thanking God for His provision.  Awesome!

Rare are the TV shows that are clear of loads of foul language, violence, nudity, etc.  This one is pure family “country fun” that gives you a hoot (y’all!).


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