Friends Are the Best Blessing

Our destination for this motorcycle trip was Damascus, VA.  We finally arrived Friday night, as scheduled.  Our friends made us feel comfortable in their hilltop home overlooking mountainous views on every side.  Here are shots from a couple of directions from the back yard.

Our happy homeowner found a surprise on our tour.  Have you ever had an Iris bloom in late October?  She, nor I, ever had.  Until now.

The temperatures were perfect as I toured their garden plot and yard full of interesting plants with pass-along stories.  I love that, y’all!  Our hostess shared some seeds with me for next year.  I hope I can talk HH into having a real garden next year, so I can plant these seeds for Christmas Limas (red and white speckled) and several Sunflower varieties she shared.

We enjoyed an evening of delicious food, good conversation, and then a nice comfortable bed for the night.

The unscheduled part of the trip was a sudden change in the weather.  After studying the incoming rain and cold temperatures, we opted to make a mad dash for home on Saturday.  It was not designed to be a one-day ride, but that’s what it became.  Over ten hours on the motorcycle was not my idea of a perfect ride.  With the temperatures between 50 and 64 degrees, it was not our beloved motorcycle dance.  It was the shiver dance, y’all!

We always find something to entertain, even in not-so-great conditions.  As we came through Stevenson, Alabama, in the Northern part of the state, we saw a prominent sign that notified everyone of an upcoming important event.  Next weekend they will be hosting the Professional Lawn Mower Race.  Only in the South, y’all!  I had visions of hurrying home, souping up our zero-turn with massive engine power, and heading back to Stevenson for the national competition.

Funny how we laugh at Alabama, as if we are better.  In our attempt to avoid being the “bottom state” in any ranking, we seem to pick on the State of Alabama and push them to the “bottom”.  With so many states ahead of us, why does it matter whether we are last or second-to-last?  Not enough difference to be a difference, in my book.

For a case in point, after crossing the Mississippi line, we passed a house that had numerous white bathtubs adorning their side yard.  No, they weren’t for sale.  Perhaps they were positioned for filling with dirt come spring.  As I thought about it, they would make some pretty good raised beds.  Just open the drain plug, and you’ve got instant drainage.  A nice sturdy edge is already in place for sitting while you plant, pull weeds, harvest, etc.  If you’re renovating some bathrooms in your home, perhaps you could re-purpose your tear-outs for your side yard garden beds.  And, if you’re interested in a national competition, head on over to Stevenson, Alabama, next Saturday for the lawn mower race.

Just remember, God loves all of us.  First, last, and all in-between.  Just had to hoot about that, y’all.  Happy Beautiful Sunday!


About Kim

Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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