The Motorcycle Dance

I cannot describe to you what an awesome day it has been today!  Just so you know, our destination for this trip is Damascus, VA.  Last night, when we stayed in Abbington, it was only 30 miles away from Damascus.  In true motorcycler fashion, it took us 100 miles to get there!

With a loop in a northeastern direction, we rode through Wytheville first (pronounced “withville”, y’all), then hit Highway 21 South through beautiful, gorgeous, magnificent country to Independence, VA.  Can you tell we liked it just a little?  Wouldn’t you know, the napper’s camera batteries went dead, but I kept clicking, hoping to get every drop of juice out of those batteries before the thing died.  Then it died.  Yes, my cell phone camera was in the trunk.  Yes, extra batteries were in the trunk.  No, the driver didn’t want to stop.

I’ll describe it as best I can.  Imagine a peaceful roadside creek running in front of a quaint little farm on a patch of green, complete with red or white barn, with a colored tree-covered hillside as the backdrop.  Miles behind all of that are mountains filled with the hues of fall coloring. Each farm was separated by green hay-cut rolling hills and strips of colorful trees.  The best scenery we have seen.

Then we came into the Christmas Tree farm territory.  Not your usual 40 or so acres of trees.  Perfect patchwork of many 40 or so acre plots on the landscape of hundreds of acres.  Now that’s a tree farm!  Too much to fit into my picture.  The trees were all perfectly formed and matched in size and in perfectly straight rows.  I love the uniformity of that, y’all!  And Highway 21, which travels through a portion of Jefferson National Forrest, is a perfect route for motorcycle riders, nice and curvy, exactly what the drivers like.

Fox Creek Leather had an “Open” sign in the window, so we had to stop.  We don’t wear leather, but the bike on top was calling.

After lunch, off we went down Highway 58 to Damascus, VA.  We found the sweetest ride yet, y’all.  Music playing through our headphones, road curvy back and forth through the mountains of picturesque colors, we found ourselves in the most perfectly synchronized slow dance.  I say slow dance because you don’t do anything fast around those hairpin turns.

It brought tears to my eyes that God would allow such an experience.  What did we ever do to deserve such a blessing?  This Highway 58 will be recorded in our book as a definite “return to” road for motorcycle riding.  We will include Highway 21 on that list since it’s in the area, and it is a great ride.  But Highway 58 is truly a dance to be remembered for a lifetime.  Coincidence that it was the road to Damascus?  I don’t think so.  It was worship.  Full of reverence.  Our Master lives!

That is another reason I go on these trips.  Times of awe and worship.  This country is filled with beauty that God put here for our enjoyment.  And we give Him the glory.  HH and I are very thankful for another day of safety and blessing.  Tomorrow, we make our way toward home, our trip shortened by rain and cold headed this way.  No more dance of the motorcycle for this trip.  That’s OK.  There will be others.  Lord willing.


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