Which Broom?

That first cup of coffee in the morning is the best, isn’t it?  If you’re lucky enough to have a programmable coffee maker, you can set it to brew automatically before you get up.  What a treat to wake up to the smell of coffee!

A dear friend gave me this mug for a fall season “happy”.  I don’t know what broom fits, but the car I drive seems to fit (and fly) very well.  I have plenty of room to haul all my junk.  HH says that women “live out of their cars”.  It’s an extension of our purse, y’all!  We pack the essentials for our every emergency into our purse and our car.  And it is exponential when children are involved.  I feel a little less car cluttered now that all the extra diapers, wipes, random toys, etc., are no longer a part of my purse and car junk. 

I could NEVER imagine flying a broom, y’all.  Could you?  Have you ever seen a broom with saddle bags?  I’d need at least that much to stash some junk.  We’re starting to pack our motorcycle for a trip, and it will be loaded to the max before we pull out of the driveway.  So, you can forget a broom!  I just returned from a girl’s trip with six of my high school class mates.  Upon arrival, there was a comment made about how they were amazed that I could pack for a motorcycle trip but brought everything under the sun for a weekend trip in the car.

Next time you look for a broom that fits, consider how much junk you’re taking along.  If it fits, fly it.  If not, perhaps take the car.



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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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