The Seasons of Life

This pretty much has been my theme since January, so I painted it on an old drawer that I re-purposed into a rustic tray.

My teen years were in the land of the pines, in South Mississippi, where Autumn has only a little color, a lot of heat, and quite a bit rain.  Fall was never a favorite season of mine.  HH and I moved to Marietta, GA, in the Fall of 1991 and were thrown into a lush land of hardwoods alive with beautiful colors falling from those majestic trees.  Our children came along later, complete with fun trick-or-treat times in the neighborhood while we constantly raked or blew those colorful leaves to keep our lawn alive.  The kids loved picking out their favorite pumpkins each year, decorating them, and placing them on our front steps.  They loved all the indoor and outdoor decorations and looked forward to the spiders perched on the mailbox. 

Each Halloween before the trek door to door for treats, the costumed kids would gather for a parade down the streets (with all  the moms and a few dads) to the neighborhood clubhouse for hot dogs, games, and a costume contest.  The hot dogs were provided so the kids would have something besides candy to precede all the candy.  Most years the kids were too excited to eat much besides candy, but you can’t blame us for trying.  Our Georgia neighborhood was a blessing, and it was fun, y’all!  Fall became my favorite season.

We moved to North Mississippi when our youngest was in the fifth grade.  We are out in the country on land with only three other houses on our graveled county road, not conducive for trick-or-treat treks.  Our first Autumn here was a rude awakening as we realized the futility of decorations and pumpkins on our porch.  NOBODY comes this far “out” for anything, so we have few visitors to enjoy our decorations.  (I don’t think the UPS man really notices.)  It was depressing, y’all!  I still do a little seasonal decorating for our family to enjoy, mostly because I love this Fall season.  There is a lot to enjoy in the country with crop land all around.  Harvest time is exciting when the combines begin rolling.  It refreshes me to see the ground again after months of green, then golden, and finally brown.  I like change, and I love the new scenery each new season brings.

At first when I realized the transition into my Autumn of life, I was depressed.  I didn’t see much color, and it seemed a little drizzly (must be all the hormonal tears of mental-pause).  Oh, and the heat, how could I forget?  (Again, due to mental-pause!)  I struggled with finding what God wanted of me in this season.  Can you relate?  My prime time is over, and it’s a rude awakening.

I’m a ponder-er, y’all!  After all the pondering, I’ve decided to see the blessings of my Fall, to look at the new scenery of this season.  Colors are ablaze as our teenagers transform into people we can enjoy spending time with when they are ready to admit we are worthy of it.  The time we have with friends and family, which includes all generations, is as comforting as a cool Autumn breeze.  The simple things of life, like sitting on the porch reading or writing, enjoying cooler temperatures, are treasured now that I’m no longer the taxi driver.  People tell us the empty nest can be a wonderful time in your marriage.  So, in focusing on the positives of that time soon-to-be, we look forward to more frequent motorcycle trips together and the freedom to just “go when we want to go”.  Newly-found free time allows for ventures into new territory.  I recently took an on-line course to learn about internet writing markets.  There is so much “out there” to explore and discover!

The blessings of this season include all those new discoveries and delving into new territories.  We have contributions to make to this world, no matter our age.  Each season of life is a gift, and I believe God wants us to embrace each one, to be useful for His Kingdom.  It’s all about our focus and our choices.  We can choose to be less colorful, hot, drizzly, and downright depressing.  Or we can look up and see His blessings and embrace all He has for us.  Could it be that this will become my favorite life season?  This Fall season is God’s gift, and I’m making a commitment to give a hoot and not waste it.

Whatever our season, let’s embrace it, y’all! 


About Kim

Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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