It’s Creepy and It’s Cooky!

We are all in a hurry and live in such a fast-paced world!  Instant gratification rules the day and we all have a drive-thru mentality.  We have had the drive-in theater, the drive-thru fast-food chains, and now we even have drive-thru prescription service at some of the drug stores.   So many things we can do without ever leaving the car!  Recently some friends were discussing an idea of a drive-thru medical practice.  All it takes is for someone to think of it, and soon it will come to be, it seems.  Although we were joking at the time and had a lot of fun describing how to set it up, there was an element of possibility to the idea.  It really could work, y’all! 

This conversation brought to mind something I had not thought about in a long while.  In my young adult life, you know, before husband and family, I lived in Hattiesburg, MS.  A friend told me about a new funeral home that had opened recently.  She was laughing and shaking her head at these seemingly crazy people that opened this new deal, a real honest drive-thru funeral home!  I could not picture how this would work, y’all.  It seemed so creepy!  So, one night (after dark) we went to investigate.  Sure enough, we found it on the other side of town, not in the safest neighborhood, occupying a former bank building.  Being young, adventuresome, and probably stupid, we drove right up to the drive-thru window for a “viewing” at this late hour in this bad neighborhood.  (Did I mention it was dark, y’all?)

With anticipation and girlie squeals, we could not wait to see, but we also were afraid to look!  (Things are always more creepy in the dark.)  This felt similar to walking through a cemetery (at night, in the dark), but it seemed a little safer in the security of the car with all the doors locked tight. (Yes, we double-checked.  ‘Cause it was dark!)  The joke was on us when we discovered our built-up anticipation was for naught.  Nobody!  Literally, no body!  Didn’t they know we young chicks wouldn’t have the nerve to drive by in the light of day?  What did they mean taking somebody’s body away so we couldn’t participate in this new unheard-of form of grieving?

I admit it.  We had no grief in the matter.  Just giggles and laughter and a little fear of things that go bump in the night – or “boo” in this case.  I had kept turning around while we were near that place (in the dark), watching to make sure no one was following us (in the dark), because it was our secret mission (in the dark).  If someone had jumped out of some bushes and said, “Boo,” I would have lost my heart right up into my throat!  Who needs vampire movies or scary Halloween nights to get your heart rate up?

Those were fun times, y’all!  I don’t know if that place still exists, but I do know this. Yes, I have some favorite songs and Bible verses that my family can request to be shared at my funeral.  But, for the sake of my loved-ones, I tell you now.  When I leave this world, please do not put my dead body in a drive-thru window for viewing!  Or I will give a hoot about that, y’all!


About Kim

Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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