Pet Pedigree and Personality

We bought our first pet 10 years ago.  Our purebred Boxer came with papers and everything.  Like people of pure pedigree (royalty), Trudy exudes a certain attitude, holding her head high while prancing through the grass, and stopping to hold her high-society stance for all to bow to Her Excellency, the regal Trudy Grace Hood.  (The middle name probably caused it, y’all!)  She has been spoiled rotten through the years and pretends to be the queen around here until I remind her otherwise, again!  She has attitude.  She demands attention and pines to be held like a baby every night if anyone is watching television.  If no one will hold her, she goes to her bed and sulks.  (And sleeps.)  My husband is usually the family member that caves when Trudy is making her rounds for someone to offer their lap.  He is her favorite person in the family (must be due to his caving), and she pesters him during the daytime while he’s working in his office at home.  Like I said, she’s demanding.  She’s persistent.  Sometimes Jeffrey has to be stern with her to get her to leave him alone and let him work.  I could never get away with pestering him so much!  He loves her, y’all!
There was a time when I was having some allergy problems that were traced back to having a dog in the house.  When I told my stronger half that I was sorry but I didn’t know if I could continue having a dog inside the house, he said he would miss me.  After horrible thoughts of how I hoped she would be a good wife for Jeffrey, I got over my anger and allergies…eventually.
Our newest addition, Suzie Q, is solid black except the white fur on the tip ends of her feet.  Her eyes are as black as the eye of a Black-eyed Susan; hence the name of Suzie Q.  She came to us as an injured stray puppy.  Yes, a mutt.  No pedigree.  We nursed her back to health, and after 4 years, she has become part of our family.  She has to stay outside, unlike Her Royal Highness that has a cushy bed indoors.  Suzie Q is the most loving, unassuming, scared-of-her-own-shadow, formerly abused, mouse-eating, good-as-a-barn-cat, so-happy-to-see-you, energetic dog.  She wants to please you, love you, and just be with you on the farm, no matter what you are doing or where you go.  She scopes the trails when we’re riding horses, rooting out snakes and whatever else lurks about.  Suzie Q is the best farm dog we never thought we wanted but God knew we needed!  Our daughter’s friend named her “Glee” because of how she jumps with glee when we drive in the driveway toward the garage and runs to greet us, so happy we are home.  I love her, y’all!
 See, Suzie is still afraid of stuff – the camera this time.

OK, closer and better, but sideways.  Sorry, I don’t know how to rotate it.  Please tilt your head to the right.  There – that works!
These two dogs are complete opposites.  Trudy wanted to eat the newcomer until we finally got her to take Suzie under her wing and be her “superior guardian”.  Trudy now hangs around the kitchen each morning to be sure I put Suzie’s food on the porch (of course, after the Queen has had hers!).  When Suzie barks at anything, Trudy has her back, barking like a wild dog inside the house where she can do nothing about the critter Suzie spies.  Trudy is safe inside, and this dog that barks at NO intruder will spend her voice for Suzie’s sake.  When Trudy goes outside for a short strut in the sun, Suzie runs up and tries to play with her.  Trudy ignores her, turning her head away in apparent disgust with Suzie, the lowly underling.  What a snob, y’all!  Have you ever seen a stuck-up dog?  I never have – until now.  How is a dog born knowing she has a pedigree and acting superior to other dogs?  In contrast, how is another dog born oblivious to such and lavishing love on everyone, regardless of their social status? 

We love both dogs, opposites that they are.  Jeffrey and I both know that he loves Trudy the most, and I love Suzie the most.  We each have our favorite, and that’s good.  Let no dog be favored unequally!  Trudy demands love.  Suzie loves.  That’s the most noticeable difference to me.  In my book, the dog that cost us nothing monetarily is the most valuable and loveable.  Don’t tell Jeffrey, y’all, but it’s true!


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