Rocky Mountain High – Colorado…

My husband reminded me yesterday that I’d left out an interesting tidbit of information yesterday on my blog, so I’ll share it with you before moving ahead with our Grand Canyon pictures.  When we were riding through the high desert (how many days ago now?) , we were in the vicinity of Area 51.  There is NOTHING around the area, so that’s why Area 51 is out there.  During all this nothingness, I must have fallen asleep, because I missed out on this very important Alien Sighting!  Jeffrey’s account of it is, while riding along the highway, he passed a van on the side of the road with a message written on the back window, “Area 51 or Bust”.  The driver and passengers were all outside the van and wearing headbands with the (get ready for this highly technical term) “antenna-like boingy thingies”. You’ve seen them – the 2 antenna have a crazy colored ball on the end that bounce around when you shake your head.  Possibly you have even worn one in the past, and there was a reporting of another alien siting very close to your location.  Back to the story…these people were jumping and dancing with glee, as if in their own “happy-land”.  I hate I missed that!  Jeffrey, no matter how irritating the wind noise becomes in the microphones, you must leave them turned on.  Things get too quiet when their off, and I miss the good stuff!

Back to where I left off yesterday, we were at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.

As we headed to Farmington, New Mexico, we saw miles and miles of unique land formations.

Then I got a little crazy with the camera.

There are two more aliens!

During this stretch of the road, we encountered a road block, of sorts, and pulled over to turn off the bikes and wait it out.  Others did this, as well, and a man approached us to talk a while.  He is a “fellow Goldwinger” and was telling us where he’s from, how he’d come to move from New Jersey to Albuquerque, how he’d married a Nashville girl, when – VOILA – she appeared.  I struck up a conversation with her, since I was born in Dickson, a small town just outside of Nashville.  She said she actually grew up in Dickson, but she always says Nashville because people know where that it.  Teresa is her name, and she appeared to be about my age, maybe a little younger (isn’t everyone?), but I can’t remember her maiden name, which is the one that is important here.  Sorry!  But, everyone I named from there – cousins, mostly, who are no longer living there now that they’re grown – she had never known.  But we talked about my Grandaddy’s Sinclair station, and she remembered that because she went to church right across from it and had stopped at the station every Sunday after church to get more bottle caps he was giving away.  Also, Fussel’s is still open down town and her sister, who still lives there, shops there.  Fussel’s is a clothing store with the wood floors that creak when you walk, friendly salespeople, and good quality merchandise.  I’m glad to hear they’re still surviving, and hopefully thriving.

Oh, sorry, I got caught up in memory lane, there for a minute.  It’s so nice to run into friendly people everywhere you go!  And so nice to know most people aren’t like the aliens we saw.  I have encountered the most wonderful, fun, interesting people on this trip. I love people, women in particular.  They are so chatty, and I like that.

Yesterday, we left Farmington and headed North into Colorado.  We were so excited to see green again!  The beauty of the Rocky Mountains captured me again, and I took 138 pictures, my record day so far.

It’s hard to select just one, but this picture was cool with the snow caps.  We stopped to eat lunch in an old mining town called Silverton.  This is one of Jeffrey’s favorite towns, so we took lots of pictures there, too.

After lunch, we continued along Million Dollar Highway with stunning mountains and streams.

  Then I saw the most striking and clear blue ahead – I have to share this with you.  Blue Mesa Lake.

We spent the night in the small town of La Junta, now being on the “flats” of Colorado, mountains at our backs.  You never get tired of the mountains, but we enjoyed the familiar sights of farmland through the flats.  Reminded us of home, and that’s where we’re headed.  We’ve been headed there since we left, if you know what I mean.  Our circle to California and back is drawing in to close the loop, but we have more states to cross, new things to see, more people to meet.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us today.  And I DO give one big hoot about that!


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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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2 Responses to Rocky Mountain High – Colorado…

  1. jeran says:

    Lovin your blog….what a wonderful trip!!

  2. Sam Jr. says:

    Kim, I have no doubt that you and Jeff are seeing some wonderful sights. I asked Google Maps to show the route from Silverton and La Junta, it is was a true winding road. 🙂 Drive carefully. Sam Jr.

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