Hauling Around the Pink Panda

 After the Saturday of extreme cold and a late ride to get into a hotel, we woke up Sunday morning to the fact that we were a day behind in our schedule. Being “behind a day” isn’t so bad when God is in control of it. He works things out for His timing, not ours. We’re just along for the ride – literally, in this case.  So, on Sunday, we simply rode all day through the high desert and Zion National Park, taking pictures and marveling at God’s magnificent creation.  What a way to worship!

  It is impossible to gather with a camera all the detail of real life, so these pictures do not do it justice.  The majesty of these formations is indescribable!  Most of Zion National Park looks like God played in a big pile of  clay, having His fun in His way of intimate detail.  If you’ve never seen it, I hope you get to.  It has God’s fingerprints all over it!

Monday morning we woke up to the brightest sunshine we’d seen in a while.  But we were headed to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, which had beginning temperatures of the day at 26 degrees.  Time for the layers again!

Jeffrey always makes sure I’m prepared for all weather types, so when I started riding with him a couple of years ago, he bought me a set of “Frogg Toggs”, which is charcoal colored rain gear normally used by hunters. It was not quite suited for motorcycle wear in the details of it, but I won’t go into great explanation here.  I’m sure he didn’t want to get the specified motorcycle equipment for a passenger that might not stick with it very long! We wear this rain gear as the top layer in cold weather because it helps block wind and cold as well as rain.  After a 5,000-mile journey to Maine in October last year, I felt I qualified as a permanent passenger and deserved to get something that looked like a girl.  That thing made me look like the Michelin Man!  (Trust me, guys, no woman likes looking like the Michelin Man.) And when we were moving down the road, the wind would get under that thing, and I had major muscles!  Wow!  Not the look I really want.  Women want to look like women (and I think men want them to, also).  So, with Jeffrey’s approval, I ordered a motorcycle-specific type of rain suit that is black and has PINK on it.  It does look more girly, but I wasn’t sure he’d want to have pink anywhere close to his bike, you know?  But, being very gracious, he was understanding and agreeable.  The suit arrived just days before we left on this trip, so I got to wear it for the first time a few days ago.  Now instead of hauling around the Michelin Man, Jeffrey is hauling around a pink panda-looking creature.  I still think it looks too “puffy” when riding through the wind, but at least it’s got pink on it!  “Yay” I say,  “I’m a girl again!”

So we made our way to the Grand Canyon North Rim early yesterday, Pink Panda in tow.  By the time we got to the gate, though, it was 50 degrees, and things were warming up nicely.  Pink Panda came off when we parked the bike.  (Jeffrey says “Yay.”)

Speaking of Jeffrey, he’s telling me to wrap this thing up and let’s get on the road.  So, I’ll share some North Rim pictures on my next blog.  Oh, and y’all, later yesterday I met someone on the road, rather beside the road, that is from my birth town, Dickson, TN, and I’ll share a little about that, too. This big old world sure is small!  Thanks for hanging in there today for a long hoot!


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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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One Response to Hauling Around the Pink Panda

  1. Libba says:

    Enjoy that cool weather while you can, but start shedding those layers when you get closer home. It's in the 90's here this week. Be careful and have a safe trip coming back this way. I've really enjoyed “riding” with you.

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