Trick or Treat – Mostly Trick

We made it to the Pacific yesterday!  After climbing down a few rocks, we stripped off boots and socks and played in the water at a little spot between Santa Monica and Malibu.  The “dirty” sand felt good to our feet after being trapped inside boots all week!  I say dirty sand, but it’s not dirty, just more of a light brown color rather than the white we see in the Gulf and the Atlantic.
To give you an idea of the craziness that goes on between these guys on these motorcycle trips, let me share with you a couple of “tricks” they like to play as we go along.  One guy stops at a red light.  Another pulls up beside him at the light, sort of close, reaches over and flips his “kill switch” just as the light turns green, and then he drives off and leaves the guy sitting there trying to start his bike again quickly while traffic behind waits impatiently.  Another trick this week was to sneak up to a bike unnoticed by the driver while parked, flip the gas switch off, and try to act innocent as the poor unsuspecting guy thinks he has run out of gas about 2 minutes after starting down the road again. In this case, it didn’t take him long to realize what had happened, since he had just filled his tank with gas.  The driver had a few words for his “crazy uncle” after that episode, but those were not his exact words!
We drove north on Hwy. 1 (Pacific Coast Hwy.) along the beautiful Pacific, had lunch at Duke’s overlooking the ocean (great food – highly recommended!), and then later took “The 101” (California-speak) north toward San Francisco.  The countryside along The 101 was breathtaking, to say the least, so this girl had some worship on the back of that bike!  This huge section of CA consists of farms, ranches, vineyards, and even oilfields.  We have previously visited Los Angeles and San Francisco, but we’d never seen what is between the two, and now we are glad we finally did!  God has blessed California with rich natural resources and beauty beyond description.  Our entire country is filled with a beauty and richness that only God could prescribe! 
We stayed overnight in Greenfield, CA, not exactly our original plan, but after another evening of high winds (Yes, really!) and more dust (!), we decided to get off the highway.  (Two people in our group split off from us so they could start making their way home sooner, so we are now down to just four of us.)  We discovered Greenfield to be a town of migrant workers, so accommodations here are a little “different” than we’ve had thus far, but are still comfortable.  We ate authentic Mexican food for dinner and decided not to stick around for their Karaoke night!
One block down from our motel, we discovered an awesome bakery this morning.  What a sweet breakfast we had before heading out for San Francisco!  More beautiful farms – strawberries, cherries, pimentos, garlic, plus more we could not identify.  The smells were amazing as we drove along those farms.  We had lunch at The Warf in San Francisco, then we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, through Sanoma Valley and Napa Valley, all while dodging rain clouds all around.  Now we are in Merced, CA, for the night.  It was 54 degrees today at the lowest and stayed cool pretty much all day.  But, the wind had finally calmed down for the most part today. And I really gave a hoot about that!

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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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