Well, Blow Me Down!

Yesterday was Day 5 of our journey to California.  I didn’t post anything for Day 4 because it was uneventful, just going from Point A to Point B, Point B being Phoenix.  Well, the event was the wind and again, the heat!  We went to eat at 6 PM, and the temperature on the bike read 109 degrees in Phoenix.  Yes, that was hot, folks!  Glad it was a short ride on that day, then inside the AC for the rest of the afternoon.  We’ve now had friends from Houston and Hernando join us for several days of our journey.

Our first designated stop was at a Route 66 General Store, Hackberry, AZ, owned by the brother of a dear friend of ours.  We gathered with him and his wife around the beautifully restored 1957 Corvette for this picture with them.  Too bad we covered up the car!  Oh, well, I’ll post a picture of it, too.  It is amazing how many people were in that store, and speaking many different languages!  Route 66 sure draws in the tourists, having a style of its own carried through every town it encompasses.  I’ve never seen so much memorabilia in one place!

After visiting a little while, we continued along our 500+ miles we had to cover yesterday, most of which turned out to be through a gritty dust storm.  When we went through the southern tip of the Mojave Desert at 107 degrees, I started thinking about the wagon trains people took across the west “back in the day”.  Jeffrey always said if he had to be in a wagon train, he’d want me on his wagon.  I don’t know why, because I have visions of what that would be like, and it isn’t pretty.  About 3 days in, this old girl would have a huge Pitty Party, and then things would really get ugly!

 We Americans like our creature comforts, and I’m glad my wagon yesterday was a Goldwing!  We were lacking some creature comforts just by being out in the elements, but we had an accelerator! After going from 107 degrees to 98 in a 10 mile distance, the winds picked up to be stronger than those on Day 4.  We rode in this wind for hours and hoped things would soon calm down, when we saw a sign: “GUSTY WINDS AHEAD”.  Really?  Isn’t that what we’d been through already?  Noooooo, we just thought so! (We saw on the news this morning about some telephone poles needing to be repaired in California due to high winds.)  We have never, in any part of  our beautiful country, been in wind like this before. We had no choice but to “hunker down” and endure it until we got to our destination, which was another 2 hours.

Oh, I forgot to mention – as we approached Ontario, CA, the temperature kept dropping.  At one point, we were at 64 degrees.  Jeffrey and I checked our mileage, and yesterday afternoon we went over the 2,000 mile mark for this trip.  This old girl was ready for an oil change, or a shower at the least!  Doesn’t this sound fun, y’all?  (It really is, but I’m a little tired.)

Today we will stick our toes in the Pacific!  Onward…


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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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One Response to Well, Blow Me Down!

  1. The Pictures are beautiful but I would rather be riding in the cute red car than on a motorcycle. Guess I don't quite have the adventuresome spirit that your group does. Bobby would love the bike ride but I would have to convince him to leave town. Thanks for sharing your trip. I will live vacariously through you. DJ

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