Watch Out For Bumps In The Road

 We went through several beautiful small towns in West Texas yesterday that remind me of Mayberry.  Albany, TX, is one of them.  The Sinclair station particularly got my attention since my Grandaddy Mitch owned a Sinclair station in Tennessee years ago.

Other than these quaint little towns, there was not much in West Texas to look at.  So, I perfected the art of sleeping while riding on a motorcycle.  As long as the driver is awake, we’re good, right?  The seat of a Goldwing sort of wraps around you and holds you in, and the only problem is the head-bobbing.  If you prop your helmet on your shoulder just right, it can actually stay there for a few minutes while you catch a wink or two.  My Grandaddy Mitch was the King of the Nippy-nap.  This hard-working man named his noon power nap before “power nap” came to be known, and we all knew to be quiet during his nippy-nap.  I believe all the cousins from that side of my family still call any short nap by this term.  It stuck.

Early in our Day 2 of travel, we had one minor bump – literally.  To review some background, my husband came up with a system early on in our riding for when approaching a bump.  You see, I don’t like to be elevated unexpectedly a foot off my seat and thrown back down, wobbling all the way. ( I really prefer my feet on the ground, but I ride because he’d rather ride than breathe.)  So, he now warns me by saying “bump” into the microphone so I can be ready to hold on.  Well, yesterday there was no warning.  He didn’t see the board in the road, either, until we were at it, too late to go around it.  Yes, a board in the middle of the interstate with 2 wheels is not fun.  But Jeffrey held us steady, and we were OK.

Maybe I shouldn’t have shared that story, since most people are fearful of our riding trips and the sometimes unavoidable dangers involved. We ride mostly on state highways when possible, so interstate riding is kept to a minimum.  Trucks on the interstate are not fun to pass on a motorcycle, and staying behind them in their draft isn’t a good option, either.  The open ground of NOTHING on W. Texas highways has few trucks but still lots of wind gusts to push you around, just to keep it interesting. 

This morning we will see the bats at Carlsbad Caverns, then move on toward Phoenix.  It’s hot here in New Mexico and will be hotter in Phoenix.  We’ll be there tomorrow – too many miles to make it in one day.  Thanks for giving a hoot, y’all!


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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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