Bring Out Your Dead!!

Carlsbad Caverns was cool!  Literally, 56 degrees.  But with walking the 1.5 mile track around the caves, who noticed?  This picture is of some type of rock name, but they also called it “draperies” and that stuck with me.  It really looked like shear, silky drapes hanging from the ceiling of the cave.  We saw no bats – wrong timing on that, but we did see bat droppings, if that counts!

After leaving Carlsbad, we followed US 180 around the bottom edge of New Mexico through very northern Texas.  There were no gas stations for miles, and a girl has to go to the restroom more often than they know, so when we came upon May’s Cafe, we had to stop.  It happened to be lunch time, so we decided to try the local fair.  Well, our waitress happened to be a neighbor from Phil Campbell, AL. I don’t know how Mandy wound up in that part of the country in the middle of nowhere, but she said it has to do with a man.  We all know a woman can be a fool for the love of an honorable man.  Not to say I know him personally, but I do hope, for her sake, that he is.  The address of May’s Cafe is, get this, 2715 WEEDPATCH HWY (sounds like an Alabama address, so she must feel right at home), but it’s in Cornudas, TX.  Her home in Phil Campbell was damaged in the tornado last year, so she came back to our neck of the woods for a couple of months and has since sold her property there.

Mandy told all the customers, well all 8 of them, that she had some neighbors visiting, and we were it.  So, we were given the 5-star Texas welcome, paid too much green for a couple of Cornudas burgers and fries, and took our picture with Mandy.  We scooted on out as quick as we could, cause we had a long way to go.

No bumps in the road today, but every time we crossed a border, the furnace went up another 10 degrees.  We were only at about 90 degrees but getting leg cramps from dehydration when we pulled into a place for water, and I felt like the man in this car looked – dried up. Yep, he’s dead.  How proper that he was parked in front of that store that had everything under the sun for sale, even WATER for those who needed it so badly, but he never made it inside to get some, I guess!  I could never make this stuff up, y’all!!!  Like they say (whoever “they” are), “truth is better than fiction”.  God sure has a sense of humor – and He was showing out today!

Later, we crossed over into Arizona and we found the 3 digit degrees.  Whew!  That dead guy must have come in from Arizona before he dried up and died!  Today was a hoot, y’all!  Thanks for letting me share it with you!


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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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