Who Gives A Hoot?

So, who gives a hoot?  Exactly what I thought as I threatened to create a blog yet again as we rode along another motorcycle trip.  Maybe no one cares, and that’s OK, but with my memory these days, I need to get this stuff written down so I’ll remember it.  If you’ve chosen to follow along, thank you and may God bless you through it, somehow.

Yesterday Jeffrey and I left for a 14-ish day trip to California and back. We motorcycled 533 miles to Dallas.  Today we are not going as far – just 450.  Day 2 should be easier in the seat than Day 1.  We saw mostly familiar things yesterday, as we are more familiar with this part of the country.  Starting today I will be taking pictures, as I will be going into the unfamiliar territory of West Texas and New Mexico.

We had one particular PRAISE GOD moment I’d like to share with you.  We were riding along, when suddenly an oncoming car was passing in our lane – very close, I might add.  Evidently, they did not see the light of our motorcycle.  Jeffrey, without panic (me, not so much), calmly eased over into a nicely paved approximate 6 foot shoulder area and rode there until the cars passed us – still in our “lane”.  I have to say, I thanked God immediately for that smooth shoulder He provided exactly at that time on the road where we needed it.  He does stuff like that, and when a car is coming at me, I am inclined to give Him the glory! 

I have just completed Beth Moore’s study of James and cannot let go of James yet.  So, I packed a laminated copy of the book of James (only 5 chapters) so I could read it, ponder his words, study it more, and hopefully memorize it as we ride along.  James and I had lots of time together yesterday, and I’ve decided maybe God wants me on this trip after all.  You see, James has increased an awareness in me that we are living way too much for ourselves, and a vacation is for us.  How could I justify this trip when we’re supposed to be focused on helping others, not entertaining ourselves?  Yesterday reminded me of how I have a chance to sit for hours and pray, reflect, think…ponder things that I don’t normally have the time to soak in as much.  I see this trip now as God’s gift to me so that I can see His beautiful creation and hear Him clearly through my time with Him on the back of that motorcycle.  He will bring people in our paths for a reason, and as long as I’m plugged in to Him, I will see those He wants me to minister to along our way.  The focus can be the same, just the location changes during this 2 weeks.

Well, Jeffrey is getting impatient, so I’ll go get on that bike for Day 2, anticipating God’s appearance in everything this day.  I’ll keep you posted!


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Hi! I'm a Christian, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and fifty-something blogger. Let's live gracefully through the seasons of life, shall we?
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