Such Dedication!

At 24° early this morning, I quickly opened the door for puppy potty time.  “Hurry!”  I said and waited at the door for the business to take place.  That’s when I heard the thing that amazed me so.

Shotgun fire.  Really? At these temperatures?

Hunters (and their determination) surprise me.  Still.  After a lifetime in the South, I should not be surprised by this.  What drives them to get out of bed on this unseasonably cold morning, wrap up in their hunting garb, and head out into the woods? Continue reading

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I Need Your Help

It’s awkward, really.

When people ask about my blog at, I never respond very well.  Maybe it’s hard for me to explain in a short, concise explanation because it’s so much more complicated than that.

From the beginning, people have asked me what I was doing – changing my Who Gives A Hoot blog, then changing it back again and beginning an altogether new blog.  I was so new at blogging, I didn’t know exactly what a blog could do or be or anything. Continue reading

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The Devil’s in the Cockroach

Cockroach Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 15995819


One Sunday evening during worship, we were sitting in the balcony behind a couple, along with three of their children – three boys, ages ranging from 8-12.

The three young brothers spotted a bug on the sanctuary ceiling.

They pointed.

They snickered. Continue reading

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No Rules While Motorcycling

I know you are amazed – shocked, even – that I am finally publishing a post.  It’s been a long while, and I apologize.  Maybe I’m turning over a new leaf or something, but I’ve MISSED  you!

We’re approaching Labor Day, y’all.  Do you know what that means?

2013 Calendar


If you’re a woman, you know what that means.  No more wearing white shoes until next year – on Easter Sunday!

But it’s still so hot!  Why should we stop wearing our favorite summer shoes, just because they’re white?  Because they said so. Continue reading

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The World’s Top 10 Best Volkswagen Camper Inspired Items

We love Doodle bugs at our house. Our daughter particularly likes the VW Bus. Retro. That’s her thing. Both of our kids say they wish they’d grown up in the 50’s. It suits them. These VW Bus campers fit right into our family’s “someday I’d like to have one of these” list. I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I did. 🙂

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Which Character Are You?

Did you watch Gilligan’s Island when you were young(er)?

As a kid, I didn’t catch on to the ridiculous-ness (my made-up word, y’all) of the whole three-hour tour story.  I simply enjoyed the silly humor of Gilligan and the entire gang.  I was hooked on watching the show and being entertained by the characters.


And, they were certainly characters.  Each had his or her own personality traits that, looking back, were slightly exaggerated.  Still, I had my favorites.  Did you?

Gilligan was funny and at times too silly, but since he was a guy, I didn’t necessarily want to be like him.  Did you appreciate his fun-loving innocence and haphazard ways?  Or, was he just too silly for your liking?


The Skipper wasn’t my favorite, but I had no complaint about him.  He was more the father-type because he lost patience with Gilligan so often and scolded him.  The professor was the most handsome of the group but way too serious and scientific.  I’m sure there are people who favored him…techy-types and engineers, I guess.

Mr. and Mrs. Howell were quite a pair!  Mr. Howell was a millionaire and never lifted a finger to help do anything on the island.  He was often referred to by Mrs. Howell in third person terms as, “Thurston Howell the Third.”  However, Mrs. Howell called him “Thurston, Darling” directly.  He called her “Lovey” or “Lovey, Dear”.

Why did the Howells carry so many suitcases with them on a three-hour tour?  I never knew Mrs. Howell’s real name on the show.  Just Lovey.  Do you know her character’s name?  The other characters, besides Thurston Howell III, addressed her as “Mrs. Howell”.  Eunice Wentworth Howell was her name, but I never heard her called that.  Did you?  Sometimes the Howells were hilariously funny!

Of the single females, Ginger was overly worried about being the word we never said during those years.  Yes, the word that is said all-too-often these days, and it begins with S.  Yes, sexy is that word.  (Gasp!)  Ginger was a former Hollywood actress, and she could speak of little else than this movie or that (she was the star of them, of course).  I always wished she would lighten up and enjoy life – to stop being so concerned about her career and her beauty.  After all, how much can a girl do about either when stranded on an island?

Another question:  what’s up with that dress?  Surely she didn’t go on a daytime boat ride in an evening gown!


Contrasting Ginger (but just as pretty) was Mary Ann, the down-to-earth normal person on the show.  She was a farm girl from Kansas, but not much was said about her life prior to the three-hour tour.  She did the laundry and cooked cream pies (that often would end up on Gilligan’s face – or Skipper’s) while Ginger practiced her acting skills.  (Ginger did help her, but it appeared that Mary Ann carried the responsibility more seriously.)  Mary Ann was my favorite – can you tell?

When I think of Ginger and Mary Ann, I’m reminded of a room-mate from years ago.  I gave her what I thought was a compliment that she looked cute.  She was insulted and stated she wanted to be considered beautiful, not cute.  As if cute was something to avoid, like a disease.  I, for one, would have loved to be called cute.  I’d meant it as a compliment but have tried not to repeat the mistake of calling anyone cute.

In retrospect, Ginger was the beautiful one.  Mary Ann was considered to be the cute one (although I think she was beautiful).  My former room-mate would have identified more with Ginger’s character.  We were quite different.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being different, do you?  We’re all different, created to be that way.  Wouldn’t it be boring if we all were the same and preferred the same things?

Do you appreciate the differences in people?  People are interesting.  It certainly wouldn’t be the case if we were all alike.  What would be the point of spending time with people – time getting to know them – if we were all the same?

Did you ever see this areal shot of the island – Gilligan’s island?


Sometimes at night when you couldn’t sleep, did you think about what would happen if you took a three-hour tour and got stranded on an island?  Did you plan what you would pack for a short boating excursion, extras you would take along if it turned out like their trip?

In my mind, I would pack a small duffel bag with a flashlight and lots of batteries (because I hate the dark – ask my brother), a pair of clean underwear (everyone needs a spare, right, so they can wear one while they wash the other?), snacks (yes, lots of snacks, because you will have to share them with the people who weren’t prepared), lots of matches (because I never could start a fire with sticks, although I tried like crazy!), a pot for cooking (assuming we could kill something worthy of cooking and eating), and utensils, and a blanket (because I am cold-natured), and a hair brush (not that I’m like Ginger, but have you ever tried to do anything with matted hair?), and soap – plenty of soap (because I can’t stand stink, y’all).  Then I would worry how I’d carry such a heavy bag.

Are you a worrier?  Did you worry about all that stuff, like I did?  I hope you’ve lost the need for worry, because it does no good to worry.  I’ve lost that ability to worry, and it’s a blessing.  I’ve had people get mad at me for not worrying.  I simply told them I didn’t need to worry – that they worry enough for both of us.  Besides, I don’t give a hoot about worrying!

And, I’m rather happy, too, that I don’t have to worry anymore about being stranded on an island.  Why?  Because I never have nor probably never will sign up for a three-hour tour.  Hoot!  Hoot! 😉

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True Believer

Yesterday marked a year since I clicked “publish” on my first post, so today starts the second year. But, who gives a hoot, right? I couldn’t let the day pass without sharing something with you. I like this post by Morning Story and Dilbert. So sad no one stood sooner, but what a testimony! I hope you enjoy it. Happy Tuesday, y’all. 🙂

Morning Story and Dilbert

This one is a true story of an incident that happened just a few years ago at USC (University of Southern California).

There was a professor of philosophy there (at the college) who was a deeply committed atheist.  His primary goal was for one required class was to spend the entire semester attempting to prove that God couldn’t exist.  His students were always afraid to argue with him because of his impeccable logic.  For twenty years, he had taught this class and no one had ever had the courage to go against him.  Sure, some had argued in class at times, but no one had ever really gone against him because of his reputation.

At the end of every semester on the last day, he would say to his class of 300 students, “If there is anyone here who still believes in Jesus, stand ” In twenty years, no one…

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